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Think Twice

Think Twice is a new training and development business with a difference. Established by Terence and Amanda Daly our vision is simple to help individuals and organisations lead happier, healthier and more productive lives and to express this through their performance in the service of their customers, their employees, their organisations, their families. It is a system of living and working that  identifies

  • where potential originates in all of us
  • how it can be harnessed
  • identifying the blockages that prevent it from expressing itself
  • identifying the strengths, talents and passions that allow it to express itself, fully, freely and naturally
  • expressing this through enhanced performance in your dealings with your  customers, your staff your organisation your family and ultimately humanity.

Terence Daly is originally from an Engineering background graduating in Mechanical engineering from Bolton St.College of technology. He spent several years in the print and packaging industry and then set up Delta Plastic Products in order to pursue his passion for innovation and product development, by designing developing and marketing a unique range of DIY consumer product throughout Ireland and the UK.

His other great passion is a 15yr study of philosophy and universal fundamentals and how an understanding of these principals can be used to help us achieve greater performance in our business and lead more fulfilling lives.

He also holds a Fetac level 6 train the trainer qualification.

Amanda Daly is from a design background, graduating from College of marketing and Design. She spent several years in International sales and marketing with The Irish Pub Company and also with  Delta Plastic Products.

Her other great interest is personal development and philosophy which she continues to study and apply within business and life.

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